Nombres ficticios…

* Al Brikyonik (I’ll break your neck)
* Al Coholic (Alcoholic)
* Al Depanzyu (I’ll de-pants you)
* Al Kaseltzer (Alka-Seltzer)
* Al Knockerup (I’ll knock her up)
* Al Kykyoras (I’ll kick your ass)
* Al Killeu (I’ll kill you)
* Al Rankin
* Al Rapyou (I’ll wrap you)
* Ben Debanana (Bend the banana)
* Ben Dover (Bend over)
* Bill Loni (Bologna)
* Billy McGuire
* Bob Wire (Barb Wire)
* Butchie Pantsdown (Put your pants down)
* Cole Kutz (Cold cuts)
* Connie Lingus (Cunnilingus)
* Frank Enstein (Frankenstein)
* Hal Jalykakik (How’d ya like a kick?)
* Hank Deshank
* Holden McGroin (”Holding my Groin”)
* Hugh Douche (You douche!)
* Hugh Duct (You ducked)
* Imov Irgin (I’m a virgin)
* Izzy Cumming (Is he coming?)
* Jim Nasium (Gymnasium)
* Joe Mama (Your mama)
* Joe Hardern
* Lou Kout (Look out!)
* Mark Miewords (Mark my words)
* Marty Cone (Maricón)
* Mike Hunt (My cunt)
* Moe Lester (Molester)
* Moe Ronn (Moron)
* Mike Rotch (My crotch)
* Mike Unstinks (My c**t stinks)
* Oliver Closeoff (All of her clothes off)
* Poncho Mouth (Punch your mouth)
* Pepe Roni (Pepperoni)
* Phil Miaz (Fill my ass)
* Phil Degrave (Fill the grave)
* Phil Lacio (Fellatio)
* Phil Mypockets (Fill my pockets)
* Ray Piste (Rapist)
* Rufus Leakin (Roof is leaking)
* Sal Lami (Salami)
* Sid Down (Sit down)
* Stan Dup (Stand up)
* Stan DePain (Stand the pain)
* Stu Peit (Stupid)
* Tim Mara (Tomorrow)
* Willie Doit (Will he do it?)
* Willy Etter (Will he eat her?)
* Willie Facker (Will he f**k her?)
* Willie Fagger
* Willie Frango


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