I’m a Purpose Miximiser

Un muy buen video que explica que el fin no siempre esta en el dinero, la cultura y el hombre trascienden eso.

Les dejo las ideas que mas me impresionaron de este vídeo.

We are not as endlessly manipulable & predictable as you would think!
Money is a motivator.
Fact, if you don’y pay enought people won’t be motivated.
Pay people enought to take the issue of money off the table.
3 Factors lead to better performance and personal satisfaction:
Autonomy: Desire to be self directed.
Mastery: The urge to get better at stuff.
“You probably want to do something interesting… Let me get outta your way.”
More and more organisations want a Transcendent Purpose.
When the profit motive gets unmoored from the purpose motive, bad thing happen.
“Our Goal is to be destructive but in the case of making the world a better place.” Founder of Skype.

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